My first introduction to Yoga was well over 20 years ago.  People come to yoga for different reasons.  Some seek to improve their health, their strength, their flexibility.  Some come to manage stress.

Mindfulness Yoga

Yoga is a journey of self awareness.  We can find many answers to life’s questions on the yoga mat.

I share in MY STORY how yoga was my first place I learned that I had control over stress and tension I held in my body.  I learned that I could be mindful with my thoughts.


Learn how to release tension and stress:

  • through breathing techniques
  • Asana (posture) practice
  • Learn how to relax in Savasana

Teach your body and mind to let go of tension and stress.

~If you are considering starting a yoga practice…

~If you seek to develop a home practice just for you…

~If you desire to learn yoga fundamentals…

~If you desire to learn important modifications for past injuries…

~If you desire to learn techniques to breath and relax in your body…

One-on-one yoga sessions may be for you!  In these sessions you receive a practice developed for your specific needs.  Private sessions will be focused on stress management as well as how to be enhance your yoga practice for strength and flexibility.

Meta Lackland specializes in teaching classes designed for corporate wellness and stress management.  To set-up a weekly yoga classes for your business contact Meta.







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