Unravel Money Class Series

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Unravel Your Relationship with Money Teleclass series!

with the Power of Family Constellations

Facilitated by Meta Lackland


Do you desire to have a better relationship with money?  A relationship where money is not the enemy or a stranger, but an ally?

How does your family fit into this relationship?

  • Are you tired of working really really hard for money?
  • Do you find that unexpected big expenses seem to arrive whenever you finally manage to get ahead financially?
  • Are you someone who is afraid to spend money?

Our relationship with money is an ongoing partnership.
In this Series you will discover your unique relationship with money

In this teleclass series you will discover how your family’s history and lineage affects your relationship with money.  Unravel your unique history and discover a clear, clean relationship with money and wealth.

Regular Course Tuition $197.00

Early Bird Sign-Up $147.00! 

Sign Up BEFORE JUNE 1st, 2014.

After June 2nd, 2014 Rate of $197.00 applies.

Money Teleclass Series
Money Teleclass Series $197.00 USD



WEEK 1 – JUNE 12, 2014 – The Art of Receiving

WEEK 2 – JUNE 19, 2014 – Distinguish Your Value

WEEK 3 – JUNE 26, 2014 – Spirit and Money

WEEK 4 – JULY 3, 2014 – Unravel Your Mother’s Relationship with Money

WEEK 5 – JULY 10, 2014 – Unravel Your Father’s Relationship with Money



  • Discover how to distinguish your money relationship from your parent’s money relationship.
  • Unravel the multiple meanings you place on money.
  • Learn how you energetically and emotionally relate to money.
  • Discover how this relationship shows up in your day to day life.   How you sit down with your checkbook, or sit at your computer to pay your bills.
  • Discover how money is a tool to help you achieve what you want.
  • Connect to ancestor strength and support in relation to money with constellations.


Our background, our family of origin, our careers, our friends, all influence how we handle money in our day to day lives.  Our family’s history and lineage (your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents)  subconsciously influence how you approach your opportunities and relationship with money. 

How much time do you spend frustrated in regards to money?

What do you tell yourself around money?


Regular Course Tuition $197.00

Early Bird Sign-Up $147.00! 

Sign Up BEFORE JUNE 1st, 2014.

June 2nd, 2014 Rate of $197.00 applies. *All Payments are non-refundable.

Money Teleclass Series
Money Teleclass Series $197.00 USD


*Can’t come at the time assigned?  All calls will be recorded and MP3′s sent to participants!

Got Questions? Send an email to meta@coachingbymeta and we will contact you within 24 hour time period.

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