“Before I worked with Meta I was stuck for clients, money, stable housing, dental issues, and romance. Through our work together so far we have drastically improved my situation with clients, money, and housing. What I would say to someone considering services with Meta is to really consider constellations for deep seated and epic change in the real world, and NLP for healing internal emotional struggles. My biggest Aha was that change could be simple, easy, and fast, especially with my business constellation and getting clients. Also that our ancestors live in our body, we carry their burdens, and we can be free. That emotional change can happen in one nlp session and be relatively painless.
“Meta is da bomb” ~ Asherah E., Spiritual Coach, Business Owner


“Regarding the pregnancy termination constellation, I found I was able to let go of the guilt I felt.  Previously it had been consuming me on a daily basis.

Regarding the health issues constellation, I began to be able to have a relationship with my deceased father’s memory, which I had avoided most of my life.  He had died of liver failure during treatment for esophageal cancer, and I believed that I also had a faulty liver (I do have a liver defect, but had been told it should not cause problems, which I did not believe) and that it was the source of my own health issues, which had plagued me for over a decade. I discovered that I do not need to carry the burden of illness for my father. I was not sure how the shift in consciousness after working with Meta would manifest, but I ended up experiencing some severe stress involving work, and at the same time developed intense upper right abdominal pains.  These pains moved me to dig up an old referral for an abdominal ultrasound.  I was sure the pains were liver-related, or at the very least, gallbladder related.  I was so scared before the test I was having severe panic attacks.  I was sure something terrible would be wrong with my liver.  Lo and behold, the test came back completely normal.  Liver, gallbladder, pancreas – all 100% normal looking on the ultrasound.  At that point, I felt a HUGE emotional burden lifted.  And, as the stress of that fear that had been with me for so long began to slip away, I understood just how much stress had been influencing my health and how I think about myself.  And, the reason I think I believed my liver was okay this time is because, while I have had blood tests over the years that were normal, and doctors would tell me they didn’t think I had liver problems, I still had symptoms.  This time, they actually looked at my liver and saw it was okay, and this visual confirmation made me able to believe.  Gradually, after the result, I stopped thinking of myself as a “sick person”, and instead began thinking of myself as a person with some health issues.  My world began to open up. I realized that this intense stress and fear had been a huge burden I had been carrying with me all of the time.  It was always in the back of my mind when it wasn’t in the forefront of my mind.  And, bit by bit, the physical symptoms I had been experiencing, such as the stomach pains, began to fade to the background.  For years I was certain that my problems were actual physical health issues, and indeed as a type 1 diabetic, I do have some of those.  But, if you had told me that the constellation was going to clear the path emotionally and this was at the core of my health issues, I’d not have believed it.  I knew on an intellectual level that stress kills, as they say, but I never imagined it was such a big issue with me until I felt the lack of it.  Without so much energy going to the worry, other things began to fall into place as well.  Work stress got easier to handle, and I also met with my retirement account counselor, who said we are on track to do okay in retirement, something I certainly didn’t think was the case prior to meeting with him.  And so, another large chunk of “background stress” was relieved.  I sure have a newfound respect for the effect of stress on one’s health.  I really thought that the results of my constellation would be running into “the thing” (treatment, supplement, etc.) that would fix my health.  Never did I think it would be an emotional healing that would lead to my well-being. What an amazing surprise! Even if you do a constellation with one goal in mind, you may see it eventually affect other parts of your life as well.  The rewards are exponential.”  ~ Elin H., Research Administration


“I’ve done Family Constellation work with Meta, and have found her to be compassionate, insightful, and loving.  She really knows what she’s doing and her confidence shows, so you can just relax into the process.  I felt very held during the experience, and afterwards, I felt supported in my life by my ancestors in a way I hadn’t before.  Highly recommend her!”  ~ Karin W., Massage Therapist, Business Owner


“I can’t say enough great things about Meta. Recently she conducted a Family Constellation on my behalf and the results, though not fully integrated yet, are having a great impact on my life. As a Facilitator myself, it not only helped me personally, but it also a reminder that allowed me to see how much this work means to our clients.
Meta has great a way of leading the process. At all times I felt safe, and protected as this elegant process unfolded. Because of her I was better able to see things about my family, it is now safe to see. It finally makes sense to me and I feel like I have the momentum to move into something better in my life. I highly recommend her as a Family Constellation Facilitator.” ~ Karen M., Interior Design


“I chose to try Meta’s Family Constellation because I was desperate around a sour relationship between myself and a member of my family. That family member and I had tried traditional counseling, we’d tried talking it out without assistance, we’d confronted each other in anger, and spent months not speaking. What unfolded after the Family Constellation was something of a miracle. As I’d been doing before, afterward I continued to reach out to the family member but only by saying “hi” in emails or on the phone from time to time, the response coming back always “chilly” or at the best, neutral. A few weeks after the Family Constellation, this person warmed up to me, then opened up to me, then started expressing affection and love again. Now we are in frequent contact, spend time together, and both openly expressing our love for each other regularly. NOTHING CHANGED, EXCEPT the Family Constellation.  I am grateful for Meta’s work.”  ~ Dee F., Business Owner


“My experience with Meta has just been astounding. When I started with her, I knew right away I was working with a great coach. In the past six months so many obstacles that were preventing me from creating the life I wanted have dropped away. I have moved out of feeling depressed to a life of joy and creation. I am playing guitar again and am now writing new songs. I am now creating what I call “the big dream” which, six months ago, seemed impossible to start. Her support of my being able to recognize the false beliefs that held me back and let them go has been incredible. Working with her has been one of the best choices I ever made in my life. She brings joy, love, compassion, and a feeling of safety in sharing my innermost thoughts to her session. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking change in their lives.” ~ Jim S., Author


“I came to Meta for advice regarding feeling stuck in my career and family responsibilities.  Our phone coaching session was just what I needed to get past the “should’s and musts” in my head that were keeping from exploring how to get what I am really wanting and needing in my life.  She was an excellent listener and provided insightful feedback.  Her approach to coaching created a safe space for me to express things I have a tendency to hold back, and I left the conversation feeling more energized and confident that I could face what comes next.”  ~ Joe F., Program Director


“Meta’s style of Life Coaching is amazing.  Working with her this past year I have had major breakthroughs.  This mother of four does have needs and feelings. I can now speak my needs and feelings to others in away that can be heard, and understood.  I love it!  I can now see past “the mom” and “the accountant” to see that I am so much more.  Thank you so much for giving me my voice back.” ~Susan L., Accountant


“Meta is a wonderful life coach.  She always listens in a way that I feel safe and empowered.  Thanks to our session I was able to process a lot of my anger, finish my presentation on time and be really proud of its outcome!!  Thanks for caring so much!” ~Victor T., Wellness Co-Creator


“Meta did a great job and her kindness meant a lot to me. I joined a gym as of June 1 and am swimming 3x a week! I’m asking for what I need a little more and protecting myself a little better. Her coaching gave me the push I needed to start advocating for myself again. I am very grateful.” ~Teresa C.


“Meta makes me feel safe, supported, and heard.  I’m always pleasantly surprised during our coaching sessions because she always finds something I’m not seeing or hearing in a situation.  She guides me to listen (and feel) my emotions and needs, especially when my anxiety takes the best of me.  She’s a gem!”  ~Liz F., Fitness and Wellness Coach, Business Owner


“After my session I had with Meta, I realized many things about me that I never was aware of.  Meta is a great listener and she is great at pushing me to think outside the box.  This allowed me tremendously to step outside of my limitations.  My new found goal is to break free from some mental limitations that I have drawn throughout my life.  I highly recommend her.”  ~Joe C., Senior Design Manager, Group Fitness Instructor


“Whether you are working with a specific area of your life such as career, family, relationships, health or you just wish to open up to what is next on your path, Meta’s amazing gift of pure presence, awareness and deep understanding will bring to light to any situation and open the door for opportunities and miracles.”  ~Angela S., Massage Therapist, Business Owner