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Yoga – Relieve Your Headaches with Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend

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Being in pain is no fun.  It distracts us from the activities we desire to to.  This week I suffered from some nasty headaches.  It can be challenging to think of ways to care for yourself when you don’t feel your best.

This month’s article is dedicated to the Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend.  One of the benefits to this pose is it relieves headaches, sinusitis, stress, anxiety and mild depression.  Ta daaaaaaahhh!  My pose in times of headache trouble.

Other bonus benefits to this pose – It strengthens your legs and your back.  It stretches your hamstrings, your buttocks and back.  The Wide Legged Forward Bend stimulates circulation and digestion.

Avoid this pose if you have inflammation of the eyes, chronic back or leg inflammation or pain.

When I don’t feel my best, I practice supported yoga poses.  This means my wide legged forward bend will be supported by a chair.  On the chair will be blankets for my head.  Yoga is a wonderful tool to move stagnate energy and rejuvenate your body.  You don’t need to be bendy in order to practice. 

Suffer from tension headaches, try out the Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend.


Family Constellations-Notice Your Pattern



What do you do next?

In this Youtube video, Meta Lackland gives 3 tips to manage the emotions when you discover you have a pattern running in your life that keeps you stuck.

The dictionary defines a pattern as A plan, diagram, or model to be followed.  Think of your pattern as your subconscious plan to give you relief in the only way it may know how.

In life we can discover that our patterns are related to how we spend money, how we relate to our partners, how we raise our children, how we spend time at work.  Patterns run the gambit of avoidance, confrontation, freeze, overindulgence, etc.  We develop them in relation to the rewards and stresses in life.

We all have them.  How can we make peace with them?




Ancestor Support for Stressful Times Audio


This month my good friend asked me a question.  How can constellation work give us strength when there is so much chaos in the world?

I was reflecting on this with the knowledge that throughout history there have been stressful times.  Through our ancestor lineage there are many who came before us who survived, had strength and persevered.

Download this month’s ancestor support audio.
Connect to the strength that has always been a part of you.


The Importance of Savasana-Relax, Release, Let-Go


Savasana.   Corpse Pose.  It is a favorite pose of mine.  In high pace yoga classes savasana is commonly shortened.  The savasana  pose is either a few minutes long or none at all.  When savasana is shortened we miss out of the best part of yoga, integration.  A good savasana  is 8-10 minutes in length. 

Why is savasana important?

Savasana is the integration of yoga practice.  It is the place where we relax, be still and let go of our efforts.   In a world where we book our calendars several months out  and work 12 hour days it is important to stop and let go of doing.   In savasana something wonderful happens where the mind has the opportunity to stop its hamster wheel of thoughts. 

We live in a time were our society is the most sedentary that it has ever been.  It is also a time where our society experiences more stress and restriction in the body.  We desperately need to relax.

What are the health benefits? 

Savasana calms the restless mind, relieves distress and helps alleviate fatigue.  It relaxes the muscles and organs.  Savasana relieves mild depression, headaches and insomnia.  It lowers blood pressure.  It increases the ability to remain calm during the day.

For anyone suffering from chronic tension a few minutes of savasana can be an opportunity to relax.

So the next time you have your yoga practice and you feel the urge to shorten savasana, think of the benefits above.  We need time to integrate our practice.  We need time to integrate our life.

Relax, Release and Let Go.

How to Get Back on Track in Life

Life has a funny way of taking us on detours.  We believe we are on track, engaging in business, doing great in our job, we settle into our normal routine of life.

Then in a day everything changes.  You receive a phone call.  You learn a loved one is seriously ill.  One day your pet dies.  You wake up to find someone has busted your car window.  Some detours are small and take a short amount of time to get back on track.  A few hours or a day.  Other detours are life changing and can change the course of who you are.

When the detours happen how can you get back on track?  

Here are a few tips that can help.

Recognize that this too shall pass-If you are dealing with any kind of loss (money, family, friends) there is a period of time of grief.  That period of time is different for everyone.  Time does heal the wounds.  There will be moments when the pain lessens, a moment where you begin to focus more outward, less inward.  Give yourself time to experience the emotions.  Try not to make yourself wrong if you are not on your A game and are not doing the things you normally do.  Sadness, anger, frustration, all of these emotions cloud our ability to think clearly and to take action.

What helps you feel good- Is it your yoga practice?  Your silent meditation in the morning?  A cup of tea with a friend?  A walk?  A favorite blog?  Your book group?  Happy hour?  Music?  Everyone’s oasis is different.  People tend to forget what helps them feel better in times of stress. Once a day, for 10 minutes a day, do something specific for you.  Choose a time, early in the morning or late in the evening where you are certain to not be interrupted.

Consider Life’s Pause Button-One thing I hear from my clients is the frustration of having to put their life on hold when these things happen.  They feel irritated at themselves for not keeping up with their classes, their businesses, their career, their health.  Consider this stressful time a place where you press the pause button on your project.  It isn’t going anywhere.  We sometimes judge ourselves harshly for not getting it all done.  Each one of us only has 24 hours in a day.  In times of stress, the number one priority becomes You. 

When you are ready to jump in again unpause the button.

In the meantime when you are in the in-between space of feeling normal and feeling stress…

1). Reach out to friends and colleagues who are doing the things you want to do.  Say hello.

2). Stay connected to your project with blog articles, videos, websites.  Choose how much or how little is right for you. 

3).  Connect with your support team.  Your life coach, a mentor, a friend, minister, teacher, counselor, therapist, nutritionist, massage therapist, etc.  These individuals can help support you through the stressful times and lessen the amount of time you spend there.

trail (3)


In Times of Overwhelm-Who do we call?



In this video learn how to call upon your ancestors for support.

In times of overwhelm.  In the places where you need to make big decisions.

Call upon the wisdom of those who lived before.

Our Grandparents, Great Grandparents.  Whether you knew them or not.





Discover Solutions to Your Problems with Yoga Pose-Legs Up the Wall


Do you feel stressed, stuck in a rut, having a blah kind of day?  Are you replaying problems over and over in your head without new solutions coming to you?  The more you think about It (relationships, finances, work)  the worse you feel?


Yoga Practice to the rescue!  It sounds so simple.  It is.  I have found many solutions to my stuck places on the mat.  There have been many times I came to my mat stressed and frustrated from work.  On the mat I would find answers that I couldn’t find in my logical rational mind, sitting at a desk.  Lately I am seeking new ideas and new solutions for my business on the yoga mat.


The yoga mat is the practice ground for me to be in touch with exactly how I feel and how I am reacting in any given situation.  It is just me and my mat.  My mat never judges.


Yoga is a place for awareness and a place to practice patience.  It is a place where I receive answers to many of my life challenges.


My favorite pose to quiet my mind and to gain a new perspective is Legs up the wall, Viparita Karani.


Physically placing your body upside down allows the blood to move in a new way and for the mind to think in a different way.  Imagine all your neurons firing off in new patterns.  For most of us, we don’t spend much time with parts of body upside down.  My favorite part about this pose- it calms me down.  As I calm down new ideas come to me.


Check out this short video demo to add this simple pose to your practice.  Or if you only have time for one pose, try this one out.  10 minutes of legs of wall can be very relaxing and rejuvenating.  And watch the new ideas come to you.


Want to read more about the benefits or cautions for this pose check out Yoga Journal.  http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/690

Relieve Your Stress in Stressful Times



Sending lots of love and strength to those who are or have been suffering.
My heart goes out to those who are or have been in pain.
Though it seems like there isn’t much you can do by living thousands of miles away, here are some tools and tips for you to take care of yourself…
By taking care of yourself 1st, you have the resources to help many others.

Did you know that by watching media coverage-you can traumatize yourself, even if you were not physically involved in the event.

“Natural disasters and other catastrophic events, such as motor vehicle accidents, plane crashes, nuclear meltdowns, and terrorist attacks, are extraordinarily stressful—both to survivors and observers. Such disasters shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless and vulnerable in a dangerous world. Whether or not you were directly impacted by the traumatic event, it’s normal to feel anxious, scared, and uncertain about what the future may bring.

Usually, these unsettling thoughts and feelings fade as life starts to return to normal.”

Here are a few things you can do to take care of yourself during these events:
Discovery Tip 1: Seek comfort and support
Discovery Tip 2: Minimize Media coverage
Discovery Tip 3: Acknowledge and Accept Your Feelings
Discovery Tip 4: Make Stress Reduction a Priority


Take care of yourself during these times.