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"Meta Lackland"


Meta Lackland ~ Speaker, Business and Life Coach, Family Constellations



Growing up I felt limited and stuck by my family circumstances.  I heard so many excuses on why we couldn’t do certain things, participate in parties, or to do something different in life.  I felt frustrated and stuck.  Blocked by the wall of where I happened to be born.

I felt like a weirdo, a stranger for desiring something different.

As a teenager I broke away from the not enough, the money stories, the stories on what real life was about.  I learned that I could go to college, I could learn new things.  I could move away and be me.

But no matter where I went, I experienced anxiety, tenseness, and stress.  I carried it in my body, in my shoulders, in my jaw.

Through Yoga and TRE I realized I have control over the amount of stress and tension I feel in my body.  I learned that I can breath, relax and be me.  I can let go of years of stress.

Through NLP, Coaching, and Family Constellations, I learned that we live life according to our patterns, our beliefs.  In order to change, sometimes we need help from someone else to help us see something different.  I learned that I could be mindful and be friends with the negative thoughts that had dictated my life for years.

Now I help women leaders, women creatives, sculpt a life and business of their vision.  I share my knowledge of how you too can FULLY LET GO and RELEASE chronic tension, learn techniques to listen to the mind.  Through NLP, Coaching and Constellations You Can Change and it doesn’t have be a struggle.  You can build the business you desire and share your vision with your tribe.

It takes a little dedication, determination… a little help.

You are not an obstacle to be overcome, but someone to be embraced and encouraged.










Certifications:  I am a woman that believes that ongoing education and training is the key to success.
I am certified in Life Coaching, Yoga, Tension and Trauma Release (TRE), Family Constellations, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP).

These certification are from the World School of Holistic Healing Arts, Kripalu Center of  Yoga and Health, Trauma Prevention with David Berceli and NLP of Marin.

I continue to study with great mentors in the Coaching, Family Constellation, Yoga, TRE and the NLP industry and community.


Speaking Engagements:  I have spoken on the stage at:

~WOW Talks, Women of Wellness, Danville, CA

~FEM Talks, An Alliance of Women Educators, Healers and Leaders, 4 time speaker alumni.

~New Living Expo-on behalf of the World School of Holistic Healing Arts

~Victoria Buckman, Program for Wealth

If you would like for Meta to speak on your stage contact her at meta@coachingbymeta.com.