Yoga – Relieve Your Headaches with Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend

Yoga picture for blog

Being in pain is no fun.  It distracts us from the activities we desire to to.  This week I suffered from some nasty headaches.  It can be challenging to think of ways to care for yourself when you don’t feel your best.

This month’s article is dedicated to the Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend.  One of the benefits to this pose is it relieves headaches, sinusitis, stress, anxiety and mild depression.  Ta daaaaaaahhh!  My pose in times of headache trouble.

Other bonus benefits to this pose – It strengthens your legs and your back.  It stretches your hamstrings, your buttocks and back.  The Wide Legged Forward Bend stimulates circulation and digestion.

Avoid this pose if you have inflammation of the eyes, chronic back or leg inflammation or pain.

When I don’t feel my best, I practice supported yoga poses.  This means my wide legged forward bend will be supported by a chair.  On the chair will be blankets for my head.  Yoga is a wonderful tool to move stagnate energy and rejuvenate your body.  You don’t need to be bendy in order to practice. 

Suffer from tension headaches, try out the Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend.


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