When Life Dictates Simplicity


This last Sunday I went to bed with a massive headache.  I woke up Monday morning with the headache and vertigo.  I cleared my calendar for the day.  As I was lying in bed I thought about Simplicity.

How can I be effective in my business when I’m knocked out?
It wasn’t possible to focus on much when I was lying in bed except for rest, sleep and hydration.

How can I focus on what is important AND take care of myself and my well being?  Simplify and pare down to the essentials.

1)  To simplify means saying No.

We have a finite amount of energy during the day.  Marianne Williamson has finite amount of energy for the day.  You and I do too.  How do you spend your energy?  When I was in bed it was clear that teaching yoga was out.  I simply didn’t have the physical energy to do so.  What activities fuel you up?  What activities deplete you?

2)  What are my priorities for this day?  This moment?

Lying in bed I was bummed about rearranging my day.  My priorities for Monday had been my clients, my yoga students and my mastermind team.  My health restructured my priorities to me.  100%  Priorities shift and change. Pain has a way of dictating these changes quickly.

3)  What do I need help with?  Can I ask for help?

One of my values is to be in integrity with what I say I’m going to do.  I physically couldn’t teach.  Yoga class was still scheduled.  I reached out to a colleague of mine and class was taken care of.  We all need help.  Who supports you?  Do you feel comfortable asking for help?

Next time life takes you on the expected detour with your health, simplify, simplify, simplify.



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