The Importance of Savasana-Relax, Release, Let-Go


Savasana.   Corpse Pose.  It is a favorite pose of mine.  In high pace yoga classes savasana is commonly shortened.  The savasana  pose is either a few minutes long or none at all.  When savasana is shortened we miss out of the best part of yoga, integration.  A good savasana  is 8-10 minutes in length. 

Why is savasana important?

Savasana is the integration of yoga practice.  It is the place where we relax, be still and let go of our efforts.   In a world where we book our calendars several months out  and work 12 hour days it is important to stop and let go of doing.   In savasana something wonderful happens where the mind has the opportunity to stop its hamster wheel of thoughts. 

We live in a time were our society is the most sedentary that it has ever been.  It is also a time where our society experiences more stress and restriction in the body.  We desperately need to relax.

What are the health benefits? 

Savasana calms the restless mind, relieves distress and helps alleviate fatigue.  It relaxes the muscles and organs.  Savasana relieves mild depression, headaches and insomnia.  It lowers blood pressure.  It increases the ability to remain calm during the day.

For anyone suffering from chronic tension a few minutes of savasana can be an opportunity to relax.

So the next time you have your yoga practice and you feel the urge to shorten savasana, think of the benefits above.  We need time to integrate our practice.  We need time to integrate our life.

Relax, Release and Let Go.

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