I Heart Yoga Props

Blocks, Blankets, Bolsters, Straps, Sandbags, Pillows…and a yoga mat, oh my!

To a newbie yoga props can be confusing.   Why do I need a block?  What is the strap for?  If I need a prop does it mean I’m cheating to get into the pose?  I have had many moments in yoga class with a confused look on my face as I figured out where to place my props.

Why use them?                                            


          Recovering from an injury  Students recovering from injuries step into a yoga class with the intention to recover their mobility.  If you have recently injured your body take extra care in your practice.  This means spend less time in a pose and use yoga props to allow the body to gradually open and stretch without placing excessive strain on the injury.

 Meta Lackland Props Resized

          Proper alignment-Yoga is the practice of noticing our habits.  In particular to notice our habits of how we hold our body.   We each have a habit of how we stand, how we sit, how we bend.  Yoga props teach us how to hold ourselves in alignment.  Props allow for students to experience the feeling of a pose in proper alignment without strain.

          Returning to yoga after a break in practice–I notice during the holidays my yoga practice naturally slows down.  If you are introducing a new exercise regimen or returning to yoga after a break from your practice, you may experience some stiffness within the body.  There is no need to struggle to touch the toes.   Utilize props in your practice. 

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