Discover Solutions to Your Problems with Yoga Pose-Legs Up the Wall


Do you feel stressed, stuck in a rut, having a blah kind of day?  Are you replaying problems over and over in your head without new solutions coming to you?  The more you think about It (relationships, finances, work)  the worse you feel?


Yoga Practice to the rescue!  It sounds so simple.  It is.  I have found many solutions to my stuck places on the mat.  There have been many times I came to my mat stressed and frustrated from work.  On the mat I would find answers that I couldn’t find in my logical rational mind, sitting at a desk.  Lately I am seeking new ideas and new solutions for my business on the yoga mat.


The yoga mat is the practice ground for me to be in touch with exactly how I feel and how I am reacting in any given situation.  It is just me and my mat.  My mat never judges.


Yoga is a place for awareness and a place to practice patience.  It is a place where I receive answers to many of my life challenges.


My favorite pose to quiet my mind and to gain a new perspective is Legs up the wall, Viparita Karani.


Physically placing your body upside down allows the blood to move in a new way and for the mind to think in a different way.  Imagine all your neurons firing off in new patterns.  For most of us, we don’t spend much time with parts of body upside down.  My favorite part about this pose- it calms me down.  As I calm down new ideas come to me.


Check out this short video demo to add this simple pose to your practice.  Or if you only have time for one pose, try this one out.  10 minutes of legs of wall can be very relaxing and rejuvenating.  And watch the new ideas come to you.


Want to read more about the benefits or cautions for this pose check out Yoga Journal.

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