Taking on Uncomfortable Emotions


I have been resting and recovering from the amazing Divine Woman Yoga Retreat.  I led 7 amazing women in yoga, dance and connection to divine wisdom.  I simply can’t put into words what the experience meant to me.

I have been experiencing a wealth of emotions, right before and up until after the retreat.  My intention is to be honest about what transformation is like for me.  Know you are not alone on your journey, when you come across the same edges.

After of years of taking on new projects, and recently changing directions in my career, the feelings and emotions that come up are familiar to me.  I can jokingly say I am sometimes comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What did I feel as I took on developing my retreat?  This project that was mine alone.
Excitement about the project.  Unease of what is involved.  Support and Encouragement from my teachers.  Frustration in finding a web designer.  Excitement on finding beautiful pictures.  Relief in having the website complete.  Nervousness in marketing.  Relief in talking with colleagues and friends.  Trusting that it will turn out exactly as it should.  Agitation with more marketing.  Excitement in developing material.  Anxiety as the day approaches- so much to do.  Anxiety regarding the check list. Relaxation as I meet the participants and lead the retreat.  Delight-as we move through the practice together.  Peace in sharing my knowledge.  Pride in watching transformation in others.
There was so much laughter.
I left with so much gratitude.
It was worth it.

I am comfortable with the uncomfortable because I know the end experience is worth it.  All of it, the darkness and the light is valuable.

It is the blissful gratitude I feel that makes the uncomfortable worth while.  It is the look on all of my circle sisters faces as they drove away that makes it precious.

What in your life would you like to take on, even though you feel nervous about it? What would it mean to the deeper You to do it?

Being uncomfortable is part of the journey, but know that you are not alone.
Being uncomfortable doesn’t last forever.  Most of the time the uncomfortableness lasts until you share with colleague what is going is going on.  You can write it down or call a supportive friend.  A good coach can help you identify exactly what you need at that moment and what action steps you can take to fulfill that need.



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