When Perfection Holds You Back


Life isn’t about being perfect.  It’s about doing your best with what you have at any given moment.  I write this to share with you and to remind myself.  I was struggling to find the perfect words for this post, the perfect words to share in my newsletter.  I wrote 3 articles.  Each one didn’t feel right.

I sat at my computer for 3 hours.  I wrestled with the words.  I was visualizing myself, a 5’5 woman wrestling with words and paper.  Words win!

I took a break and as I was shaking out my laundry it came to me what I wanted to share.

There are no perfect words.There isn’t a perfect time.  Nor a perfect moment.  If I can relax into that, then the words flow to me and I can share them with you.  In the past I had been paralyzed from taking movement in fear that it wouldn’t be perfect.

Where in your life are you waiting for the perfect opportunity?  The perfect meeting?  The perfect person?  The perfect time?   Are you forcing it?  Are you doing nothing at all?

There is a life force within us all.  It flows with creativity and expression.  This life force becomes stuck when we try to warp  it into the “perfect” creation.  Or forcing it to take shape in a certain way.  Sometimes we give up trying unless we know the outcome will be perfect.

When you acknowledge what is true for you in any given moment, this allows life to move once more.  What is true for you today?  What action can you take even it if it’s not perfect?



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