How to Create an Outdoor Yoga Practice


Summer is here and the temperature is hot!  How is your personal yoga practice?  I am a lover of the outdoors.  There is something special and tranquil about stretching my body while listening to birds chirping around me.  I live in the city so it has been an interesting adventure to find the peace within while life goes on around  me.

In an outdoor practice how do you develop a peaceful state of mind when there is so much going on around you?  Isn’t Yoga supposed to be peaceful?  Yoga is the practice for on and off the mat.  I love the feeling of peace I experience after a relaxing yoga class.  But what happens while I am on the mat?  What thoughts am I thinking?  How do I react?  Is it anything comparable to my daily life?

The outdoors is the perfect training ground to find the peace, the wisdom that is always within you.  Even when people run past, a neighbor plays music and you hear  conversations around you.

Interested in creating your outdoor experience? Here are few things to consider as you create your outdoor practice.

Pick a spot.  Perhaps it’s taking your mat to the deck of your home to enjoy the sunrise with sun salutations.  Or call a friend with a beautiful backyard who is interested in developing a steady yoga practice.  Garden yoga!   Don’t have a yard or deck?  Take a trip to the beach, to your community Rose Garden, or to your local park.  Look around you as you commute and notice areas that look awesome to practice.

Choose a time for your practice.  If you live in the city, early morning practice before 7 am may work best outdoors.   In the afternoon before rush hour or right after rush hour are fantastic times for yoga. Pick a time where there would be the least amount of traffic.  Sunset Yoga.

Props- You will be outdoors. You will encounter leaves, bugs, and dirt. If you are fastidious about the cleanliness of your mat, you may want to purchase a bamboo beach mat to place under your yoga mat.  Either that or give your mat frequent showers.  Make the trip lightweight, but make sure you have the props you need for your yoga experience.   Don’t forget to take care of your body.  Hydrate and sunscreen are a must.  I keep a very small hand broom to sweep the area before I place the mat down.

Safety-if you live in an urban area there are other considerations for outdoor yoga.  Be aware of your surroundings and your belongings.

Explore your world!  We spend so much time inside offices, inside cars, inside our homes.  What is life like outside your front door?    Have fun in your new outdoor yoga practice.


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