Permission to be Happy


Do you ever think to yourself, with all that is wrong with my life, I don’t have the right to be happy?  How can I be happy when I still work this job, have this relationship, live in this space?  Grateful! What a load of hooey!  Who has time for that?

Most people if you ask them what they want in life they respond they want to be happy.Have you given yourself permission to notice what is working well in your life? Even if it may mean that there are places that aren’t working as well as you envisioned?  Can you notice what is working well anyway?

I hear a common theme from my clients.  They tell me with everything wrong with the world, how can they possibly be happy or grateful?

We do not have control over the world.  But we do have control over ourselves.  Do you want to wait until the world is in order before you can admit to yourself that there may be some things in your life that are amazing?  Perhaps amazing in the ordinary day to day living?  How about now?

In the beginning it may seem inauthentic or phony to list out what rocks in your life.  What if you listed it out anyway and you noticed it made you happy?

We live our lives in every moment of every day.  We live in a world where we l0se everything at one point or another.

It is how we react to it that makes all the difference in the world.





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