Transformation is in the Journey

The magic of transformation #2: happens in the journey.  Many times people desire change in their lives.  We desire change and yet, we are not aware that we are in a state of constant evolution in every moment. Every day we are evolving, growing, changing.  We completely recycle our cells in our body every 7 years!  That’s makeup truly a brand new you.  Do you take notice of change when you say something different, when you respond in a different manner or when you take action in a different way?

Can you celebrate change?  Can you slow erste down and celebrate it in the moment?

A few weeks ago an uncle of mine from out of state came to visit.  It was his first time to the Bay area.  He loved it!  He mentioned to me as we were walking in Piedmont that if he lived here, he would hang out at the coffee shops everyday to wholesale jerseys watch all the people.  He asked if I did that often.  The conversation brought to mind my greater intention to slow Give life down and enjoy the everyday.  The answer to his question is that I don’t too often just sit around and be.  After he asked me that question, I thought to myself, I would like to do that more.  Just be!

I confess!  I get caught up in the doing!  Starting a business there are so many things to do.  Writing, networking, setting up space…  Even if I wasn’t in the process of growing my coaching business, my past pattern was to do, wholesale jerseys do, do!  If I open just do this one thing, then everything would be different.  I would know I had arrived.

Transformation happens in the being.  Enjoying life happens when you slow down.  When you stop, you can take stock of your full being.

I know that for some people, slowing it down can be scary.  It is the place where you are with yourself and no one else.   If you have been caught up in the doing for the majority of your life, there could be a question of who am I really and why am I doing these things?  How long have I been doing them?

Congratulations!  Day I know when you first confront these questions it can be scary.
There is nothing wrong Foggy in asking who cheap nba jerseys you are.  It is Welcome! okay that maybe you don’t know.  This is your starting place.

If the critic comes cheap nfl jerseys in, the self judgment that says YOU SHOULD KNOW!  [I put it in bold for the express purpose that this is usually how it sounds, that shouting voice], then thank it for sharing.

Have compassion for yourself.  Inquire with your emotions and your thoughts.  Can you drop the judgment and realize this is being?



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