Turn Your Day Around

There are many kinds of days, the great days, the so-so days and those other days.  I like to avoid calling them “bad days.”  Every day and every moment has opportunity within it.

Great days are when life moves in your favor.  Everything lines up smoothly and moves in a seamless manner.  You are at the right place at the right time.  Traffic moves out of your way. Things move with and for you.

The so-so days have a mixture of factors.  Some parts of the day work with you.  Maybe lunch was great, but a conversation was off.  Or you listened to wholesale nfl jerseys some great music, but obligated yourself to work on a task that is less than inspiring.  It was an okay kind of day.

Then there are those other days.  Those are the days were it feels like everything and everyone is off.  Last Meistritele week Wednesday, started off as that type of day.

It started off in a wacky sort of way.  Traffic was tight.  There were some strong willed individuals out on the road determined to get to where they needed Foggy to at any cost.  I had thought I had forgotten my fast pass.  The fast cheap nfl jerseys pass is a device used to pay the tolls for my commute into San Francisco.  In order to carpool from the Bay Bridge, you must have the pass. The pass was lost and then found, where I left it. When I arrived at my destination, the parking garage had a parking back log where five cars (myself included) were stuck on the ramp.

I was cranky!

The first thing I saw as I came into the office was a friend of mine.  I related my perceived craziness of the morning.  Simply she asked me “what’s that all about?”  It could have been so simple to blame others for the frustration of my morning.  It could have cheap mlb jerseys been so easy to fall into “this happened to me and because of this, this day is going to suck!”

I recognized that I was cranky and went into my self-help toolbox to see what I could do to improve wholesale nba jerseys my mood for the day.

Did you know that you could do that?  Choose to change your mood to something else?

What did I do?  And what can you do when you find your day starting off funky?

The first thing I did was acknowledged that I was frustrated and cranky. The second was to contemplate what I could do about it.  I did some introspection and recognized that I like to arrive on time and I like to have space to move.

I was okay with being frustrated.  I let others know that I needed my space when I arrived.  I made some tea in my favorite mug.  I read my favorite blog, The Daily Love.  I was still feeling the emotional roller coaster of frustration.  So I stopped, took a ten minute break from the computer and did the yoga pose, legs up the wall, (http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/690).  It is a great Welcome! calming pose.  I followed it up with some Orange Essential Oil to lift up my spirits.

When your body is juiced up with emotions they take time to fade away.  Sometimes you just have to be with it.

So what can you do when the crankiness comes to you?

*Acknowledge what you are feeling!  Stop, Tune in, Acknowledge. Feel.

*What are you upset about?  What affected YOU!  Take out the other person.

*What did you want instead?

*Do things that you KNOW will make you feel better.  If you need to be alone, be alone. If you like to listen to some music, listen to some music. Need some air?  Take a walk.  What Lagerarbetare are the small things that you have in your life that lifts your day?

* Do you need space?  Make space.  th? No need to overly explain.  Most people get if you are pissed off and need some space to cool down.  Take the time to take care of yourself.

*Talk to a positive friend.  A few short words from those certain people in your life that brighten your day can brighten your mood.

By taking care of myself and my emotions I was able to turn my day around.  I was feeling back to my normal self by noon. My equilibrium was back!  I was ready to take on what the rest of the day had to offer.





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