Foggy Monday

Foggy Monday.

I woke up with a foggy mind this morning.

I’ve started my day contemplating what I would like to see happen this week.

I debated putting together a list.  There are multiple thoughts, wants and desires going on inside me. Sometimes they are in direct opposition to one another.  So much so, it can feel like a war going on inside.  Let me introduce you to THE PARADOX.

What is the current paradox?

I have many things that I would like to see happen for my business.  There is contacting the bank, talking to my friend about website ideas, writing I would like to complete, there are so many pieces…

And the Paradox-
Foggy Monday-I would love to sit back today and not do anything at all.

I want both things.  I have a need for movement and da stillness.  Which one!

I think it’s a trick to balance them both.  When I’m rested and in Anual the groove, these things on the list move easily.  When I’m feeling off, and it feels like a struggle, I resist the urge to push on through.  In the past when I have pushed through, I know my communication is not my best, my work is not my best and I don’t feel my best. When I push through I usually end up feeling more LOG-6213 run down.  Also, I find it takes twice as long to do something when I’m conflicted with myself rather when I’m feeling passionate and motivated.

Some days ROCK!  Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys There are some days where you struggle to find your balance.

So today will be the day where I’m a little more quiet.  I will consume more H2O, use my essential oils to help support Welcome! my mental clarity, munch on some veggies, listen to some tunes, connect with a friend to see what they are up to and just be okay that I’m You not feeling as snappy, alert, bright-eyed and bushy tailed as I would like.

I’m still contemplating the list.  What is the quietest thing on my list that I can do and still accomplish what I want?  What are things that I can do to best take care of me when I’m feeling energetically low?

Instead of wishing I felt cheap jerseys some other way, I’m going to go with the way I feel right now.

When I go with the current of the river instead of against it, I find that sometimes it takes me exactly where cheap jerseys I want to go.

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